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г. Ташкент, ул. Буюк Ипак Йули, 137 Телефон: (99871) 268-83-38
Факс: (99871) 268-88-55
Эл. почта: info@codex.uz

Legal representation

This direction of our activity consists of rendering legal assistance to the principal in economic, civil and arbitration proceedings in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as in foreign jurisdictions and includes:


  • collection, analysis and evaluation of evidence in terms of their acceptability;
  • preparation of procedural documents on the case (statements of claim, objections to statements of claim, motions, etc.);
  • participation in sessions of courts of the first, appellate, cassation and Supervisory instances;
  • familiarization with the case file, preparation of comments to the records of court sessions;
  • preparation and submission of appeals and cassation complaints, as well as applications for bringing Supervisory protest
  • against judicial acts;
  • implementation of other actions in accordance with procedural legislation.