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г. Ташкент, ул. Буюк Ипак Йули, 137 Телефон: (99871) 268-83-38
Факс: (99871) 268-88-55
Эл. почта: info@codex.uz

Practice area

The scope of our competence includes legal issues from various fields of law. We are interested in every difficult task in the field of law, and we are fully immersed in the problems of the industry to understand the “root of the issue” and find an effective solution.


  1. Disputes in the following sectors:
    • Corporate
    • Commercial (business)
    • Antimonopoly
    • Customs
    • Taxation
    • Labor
    • Administrative (disputes with state bodies)
    • Residential, land and other real property
    • Insurance
    • Finance and investments including bonds and default issues
    • Intellectual property protection, including cyberspace
    • Banking
    • Life and wealth damage compensation
    • Business reputation and libel
    • Consumer issues and issues of wholesale and retail trading.
  2. Investment
  3. Intellectual property and trademarks  
  4. Telecom. Media. IT
  5. Corporate
  6. Antitrust and competition
  7. Business reputation
  8. Interaction with supervisory authorities  
  9. Forensic. Legal inquiries
  10. Family law
  11. Sports law
  12. Medical law
  13. Tax practice
  14. Real estate. Land. Construction
  15. Customs and foreign trade regulation 
  16. Employment and migration law
  17. Criminal law of defence of business 
  18. Enforcement of foreign judgments
  19. Russian practice: advising on Russian law and litigation in Russian courts
  20. Lectures and seminars on topical legal issues