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About us

The CODEX law firm was established in April 2008 to provide legal assistance to legal entities and individuals, including foreign businesses, in the search for solutions and answers to legal issues of varying degrees of complexity. We specialize in conducting complex court cases and investment projects both on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan and outside it.
In our work we provide comprehensive legal support to our clients, trying to find the best solution even in the most non-standard situation. We support and develop partnership relations with foreign legal companies, representing the interests of their clients in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


We prefer to work with complex cases requiring deep intellectual work. We set ourselves the goal – in each specific case, to use exactly that legal arsenal and a legal position that exactly suits the client’s situation, as well as – to maximize their implementation in accordance with the requirements provided by the current legislation and the formed judicial practice.


Our clients are the largest local and foreign companies that occupy a leading position in their industries. In our activity we follow the universally recognized international standards and ethical principles of the Bar: professionalism and high quality of services, successful long-term practice and understanding of the specifics of the client’s industry, as well as a conscientious approach to fulfilling its obligations.

CODEX law firm – protecting your rights

Approach to work

On any question, a legal solution must be found, that is, we apply only the law and do not use other methods to achieve the goal

Explain complex things in simple language

We approach each project individually and offer new legal positions taking into account current ideas and trends